Desert Survival Situation™ Advanced Trainer’s Kit (Includes 25 Participant Booklets)



The Desert Survival Situation provides a unique opportunity to quickly and objectively measure whether your group is achieving synergy.

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The Desert Survival Situation Advanced Trainer’s Kit comes with everything you need to conduct a simulation-based program combined with the Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) for 25 people. The Kit includes the following:

  • Survival Simulation Leader’s Guide (1) This Guide provides you with the information necessary (e.g., on the simulation, scoring and debriefing, and optional materials) to plan, design and conduct a successful program.
  • Survival Simulation Participant’s Booklet (25) The booklet presents the survival situation, the challenge, a worksheet for recording individual, team and expert rankings, and grids for scoring the simulation. Sample Participant Booklet
  • Survival Simulation Observer’s Guide (5) This tool enables observers to provide teams with constructive feedback on the key behaviors, skills, and processes that affected the quality and acceptance of their solutions.
  • Video Enhancement (3 Streaming Video Views + Facilitator Video)* The video cuts down on facilitator prep time, helps keep the program on schedule, and brings “to life” the simulation by showing the situation and salvaged items as well as providing the expert’s rank and rationale. The Desert Survival Situation video, updated as of October 2021, includes new Desert images as well as clips from the vintage Desert video (but excludes the facilitator scenes that appeared in the previous version).
  • GSI Inventory (25) This group process survey enables members of each team to describe and assess the ways in which they interacted and approached the survival problem.  The inventory generates individual and team feedback, (focusing on group interaction styles via the HSI Circumplex, which can be used to guide team-building efforts.
  • GSI Participant’s Guide (5) This guide provides information and suggestions on how team members can work together more effectively to maximize results. It presents complete descriptions of the 12 group styles measured by the GSI, a profile of effective groups, a grid for calculating group outcomes, a graph for comparing the team’s results to other groups that have used the GSI, and guidelines for interpreting and improving the team’s styles.
  • GSI Leader’s Guide (1) This Guide provides a foundation for designing and building a team-oriented training and development program that includes the GSI.  It presents information, options, advice and tips on team-building and related activities for you to choose from, add to, or modify to fit your program objectives. The GSI Guide is useful not only for designing programs focusing exclusively on teams but also for adding group level modules to complement and reinforce individual and/or organizational initiatives around leadership development or culture change.
  • GSI PowerPoint® Presentation (1) This set of slides facilitates (a) introducing the Group Styles Circumplex, clusters and styles, (b) guiding participants through the scoring and profiling of their individual and team results, and (c) explaining the relationship between group styles and effectiveness.
  • GSI Flipchart Sheets (5) The GSI Flipchart Pad includes 5 large sheets with poster-size images of the  Group Styles Circumplex for easy profiling, displaying, comparison, and discussion.


Important Streaming Video Information

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