Desert Survival Situation™ Digital Bundle of 100 Participant Credits


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  • Minimum of 5 participant credits required for each session.
  • It may take 24-48 hours for credits to be applied to your account.
  • For purchases over 350 Participant Credits, please contact
  • Bundles are not eligible for further discounts.
  • If this is your first time purchasing the digital Desert Survival Situation, please contact us at to request demo credits after your purchase and we will add credits to your account.

The Desert Survival Situation digital version comes with everything you need to conduct a simulation-based program for remote teams:

  • Comprehensive Facilitator Site
  • New, updated Streaming Video
  • Participant Access
  • Facilitator’s Script
  • Prep Guide
  • Debriefing PowerPoint and additional resources

Click for an overview of the Desert Survival Situation or the full Survival Series.

Comprehensive Facilitator Site
The Facilitator Site is your portal to administer the Simulation to your group and includes the Facilitator Walkthrough to guide you during the session (including the integrated video), a Team Info page for participant status and scores, and all the additional resources listed below.

Streaming Video
The newly developed, up-to-date video brings to life the simulation by showing the situation and available items as well as providing the expert’s rank and rationale. If administering virtually via a teleconferencing platform, please ensure streaming audio and video capabilities are available. For example, Adobe Connect does not play audio from shared video, making it incompatible with the optional video enhancement.

Participant Access
By purchasing one credit per participant, you’re giving your group members access to the participant site to participate in the activity and receive immediate results.

Facilitator’s Script
This script provides step-by-step instructions and talking points to deliver the core Simulation activity; an optional tool to provide you with extra support to supplement the Facilitator Walkthrough.

Prep Guide
This Guide provides all the information that you’ll need to prepare for your session, plus tips for teaching participants about the skills and processes that contribute to synergistic problem solving, and alternatives to the basic simulation process.

Debriefing PowerPoint
The PowerPoint is an additional tool to expand upon the learnings of the Simulation around synergy and team building.