Project Planning Situation™ Trainer’s Kit



In this situation, you and your team have been entrusted with the critical task of formulating a strategic plan for the execution of a confidential project. This responsibility calls for a meticulous approach and a keen understanding of project management.

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The Project Planning Situation™ Trainer’s Kit comes with everything you need to conduct a simulation-based program for 25 people, including:

Leader’s Guide (1) This Guide provides all of the information that you’ll need to conduct a successful program.

Participant’s Booklet (25) These booklets present the following:

  • the situation,
  • the challenge,
  • a worksheet for recording individual, team and expert answers,
  • and grids for scoring the simulation.

Observer’s Guide (5) This guide helps team observers provide groups with feedback on their performance.

Debriefing PowerPoint
The PowerPoint is an additional tool to debrief and expand upon the learnings of the Simulation.

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