Desert Survival Situation™ Trainer's Kit (Includes 25 Participant Booklets)


Price: $215.00


The Desert Survival Situation Trainer's Kit comes with everything you need to conduct a simulation-based program for 25 people, including:

  • Leader's Guide (1) This Guide provides all of the information that you’ll need to conduct a successful program.
  • Participant's Booklet (25) These booklets present the survival situation, the challenge, a worksheet for recording individual, team and expert answers, and grids for scoring the simulation.

    Sample Participant Booklet

  • Observer's Guide (5) This guide helps team observers provide groups with feedback on their performance.
  • Video Enhancement (3 Streaming Video Views + Facilitator Video)* The video cuts down on facilitator prep time, helps keep the program on schedule, and brings "to life" the simulation by showing the situation and available items as well as providing the expert's rank and rationale. The Desert Survival Situation video is slightly different from our other simulation video enhancements in that it has a facilitator and chapters, some of which are optional. This format provides you with flexibility and options when facilitating your own sessions. You can choose to play the sections of the video with the facilitator or facilitate those sections yourself using the Leader's Guide. For more information on the video and its chapters and options, please see the video trailer and full facilitation instructions. If you’re unable to use streaming videos for your simulation sessions, please contact us for additional options.

Streaming video views are accessible by visiting the My Orders page on the Human Synergistics Shop website. Video credits are valid for one year from the purchase date. Upon redeeming a credit, the video is available for 24 hours.

The Instructor Preview is available for reference and preparation for your session(s) and may be viewed as many times as needed prior to your session(s). Please note that the Instructor Preview will not be available while your 24-hour session is active. Please test the streaming video prior to launching your session using the Instructor Preview to ensure that it plays properly on your network.

Streaming videos are compatible with the following browsers. Please check your version before purchasing to ensure your browser meets the minimum requirements. Streaming videos will not play on browsers that do not meet the minimum requirements.

  • Google Chrome Version 23 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 11 or higher (on Windows 8 or newer)
  • Microsoft Edge Version 20.10240 or higher
  • Safari Version 8.0 or higher (for OS X)
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 42 or higher